Risk Management Systems

The Health & Safety Management System provides a practical solution written in a user-friendly format.

At Wilby we can provide your business with a comprehensive health and safety management system, ensuring you make appropriate arrangements for planning, controlling, organising, monitoring and reviewing your health and safety policy.

Our efficient management systems will ensure that your business is fully compliant with all aspects of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, allowing you to stop worrying about health and safety arrangements and potential law suits, and get on with running your business.

We provide our clients with practical solutions to occupational health and safety issues in their business, written and presented in a user-friendly format. We also provide clients with on-going proactive support from a designated health and safety consultant with the necessary skills and expertise to make sure your business remains fully compliant with existing regulations.

Why choose Wilby Risk Management

When you choose Wilby Risk Management as your health and safety management consultants, we will provide:

  • A full health and safety system, comprising a statement of intent, organisation of and responsibilities for specific staff members, and arrangements for implementation of the proposed policies.
  • A library of templates for recording health and safety inspections, training and assessments.
  • Annual health and safety and fire risk assessments.
  • Interim site inspections between the annual visits.
  • Appointment of Wilby Risk Management as your health and safety advisers.
  • Allocation of a designated consultant to provide free telephone or e-mail support.
  • Regular news updates to keep the client advised of changes in health and safety law or best practice improvements.
  • Accident response, monitoring and investigation service.

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