Preparing Your Business For Storms

As the Met Office have issued an amber warning of heavy rain & potential flooding we look at how businesses can prepare themselves for the stormy weather.

Obviously, mother nature can be unpredictable at times and it is not possible to eliminate any possibility of damage. However, there are some simple steps you can take to hopefully limit this.

Our Top Tips:

  • Ensure your building is in good condition – is there any outstanding maintenance?
  • Be aware when bad weather is due – the Met Office provide regular alerts when periods of heavy rain and wind are predicted, smart phone apps allow you to receive these alerts immediately.
  • When storms are forecast ensure any loose objects are correctly secured.
  • Are surrounding trees and plants appropriately pruned and healthy?
  • Where possible encourage employees to store vehicles in a garage or at least clear of walls, fences or trees which may fall.
  • Make sure you know your insurance details – having their emergency claims numbers and your policy details to hand can save time if you need to claim.
  • During a storm ensure staff remain safe, particularly if outdoor work or work at height is undertaken.
  • If flooding is likely, please refer to our flood advice

You can also complete a storm damage risk assessment which can highlight areas you may need to improve, Aviva have a template here which is a great start point for any business.