The importance of accurate building valuations

With over 84% of commercial properties either under or over insured* it is difficult to overstate the importance of having accurate valuations for any buildings you insure. 

As professional insurance brokers we provide advice about the correct insurance policy for your business however we are not qualified to provide accurate building valuations and would always recommend that you engage a professional valuation service to assess the correct building sum insured for your property.

Our partners at assess more than 2,000 commercial properties every year, from shops and hotels to offices and factories. Their data shows that more than 84% are either over or underinsured.

The implications of this can be very costly, if your building is underinsured you may find that a claim is reduced in line with the level of underinsurance.

With around two thirds of commercial properties being underinsured and normally covered for just two thirds of their rebuild cost a major loss that is incorrectly insured could have a huge impact on a business' ability to recover.

Due to these issues we have teamed up with, a 'Regulated by RICS' (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) organisation, to offer our clients a cost effective-solution to this. Desktop valuations start at just £125 +vat however they are also able to offer on-site assessments where necessary. 

If you would like to discuss arranging a valuation please click the link below to send an enquiry and we will be in touch promptly.

Should your Sum Insured include VAT?

This is a question we're often asked, to help our partners at have put together a short 3 minute explainer video which should help clear up some key questions.