Bouncy Castle Safety

Given the recent heatwave and with the summer holidays around the corner, hopefully  your park will be full of holiday makers ready to have fun. 

Some of you may go down the route of a Bouncy Castle and if you do you will need to not only notify your insurers of your plans but also consider the Health & Safety implications of this choice.

Tragically, the dangers of this type of play apparatus were recently highlighted when a young girl was killed when the bouncy castle she was playing on exploded.

This is far from the first incident involving bouncy castles, in 2016 another young girl was killed when a bouncy castle blew away in high winds.

Employing Bouncy Castle company staff to run the event for you (rather than using your own staff) is a good way to reduce your exposure to potential public liability claims.

You should always ask to see a copy of their insurance policy to make sure it is adequate as well as checking that the contract does not make you fully liable for their actions.

However, you cannot rely on their policy alone and should always contact your own insurers to ensure contingent liability is in place for you should the contractor’s insurance fail to perform.

If you do decide to go down the route of buying a bouncy castle yourself, your insurers may impose certain conditions on its use which may include:

  • the bouncy castle is to be securely anchored to the floor at all times by using anchor stakes where the ground is suitable, or if the surface isn’t suitable, by other means e.g. to a motor vehicle
  • further protection from non-inflatable gym mats or equivalent soft loading material of minimum 3cm to 12cm thickness at all open sides/entrances/exits where the surface is hard
  • not to be used in high winds i.e. in excess of the maximum safe wind speed for the inflatable as specified by the designer/manufacturer
  • to be supervised at all times with a minimum of 2 adults per 15 users
  • users of the inflatable are:-
    • to remove footwear, spectacles and hazardous or sharp objects
    • not to bounce on the apron of the inflatable
    • not to hang on the outside walls of the inflatable
    • not to be taller than the outside walls when standing on the inflated bouncing surface
    • to be limited to a maximum number of children in line with the user guide

Contact one of our caravan park insurance specialists for more information.